Strong businesses demand specialist support. Whether you’re launching, developing, changing, growing, or selling, we can offer support in the following areas:

Acquisition and disposal services
Looking to buy or sell a business? We can act as your lead advisors and negotiators, providing you with a range of support, from “sounding board” to a full “hands-on” project management service.

Business planning and raising funds
We can assist you to raise both debt and equity funds. We deal with the principal UK banks, angel networks and private equity firms, as well as regional funding sources. Ultimately, we advise you in getting the optimum funding for your business.

Financial due diligence
Whether you need a high-level review or an in-depth understanding of a business you are targeting, our report will address the key financial areas of the transaction.

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Forensic accounting, dispute resolution and litigation support
Sometimes things go awry, and when they do, legal action can be unavoidable. If you need accounting support for legal action, we’re here to help. Whether you’re a pursuer or defendant, we will provide you with the independent expert reports and testimony your case needs – as well as helpful advice.

Valuation services
Understanding the true value of a business is important when considering buying, selling or investing in it. You may want a value range, or perhaps you’re looking for a specific valuation. Whatever the need, we will review and consider all the relevant factors before arriving at our valuation in clear and concise terms.

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