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UK Companies House has embarked on a significant transformation following the enactment of the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act in October 2023. This landmark legislation introduces a suite of measures aimed at enhancing the integrity and transparency of the corporate register, as well as increasing Companies House’s powers against economic crime.

Companies House is currently implementing the first phase of changes, which are set to significantly impact how users interact with it. These changes are not merely incremental; they represent a comprehensive overhaul designed to ensure that the UK remains a trusted and competitive hub for business and investment.

Enhanced powers: Companies House will have greater authority to scrutinise information and demand supporting evidence to verify its accuracy.

Stringent name checks: The process for approving company names will be subject to more rigorous checks to prevent misuse.

Registered office rules: New criteria for registered office addresses will ensure that companies maintain an ‘appropriate address’ at all times.

Mandatory email addresses: All companies must provide a registered email address, streamlining communication and official notices.

Lawful purpose statements: Companies are required to declare a lawful purpose upon incorporation and confirm their lawful activities annually.

The implications of these changes for business are significant. Companies must now provide and verify information provided to Companies House in order to improve accuracy and transparency. The requirement for an ‘appropriate address’ means that P.O. Boxes will no longer suffice as registered office addresses. In addition, the introduction of lawful purpose statements will compel companies to be more explicit about their business intentions.

Businesses need to ensure they understand these developments and prepare for compliance. Companies House has provided guidance on the upcoming changes, and it is incumbent upon businesses to ensure that they meet the new requirements by the stipulated deadlines.

For more detailed information on the other changes and how to prepare for them, please refer to the official >>> Companies House blog.

The Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act marks a pivotal moment for Companies House and the UK’s approach to corporate governance. By embracing these changes, businesses can contribute to a more transparent and secure economic environment, fostering trust and confidence among stakeholders and the public at large.

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