While every successful charity needs to be run just like a successful business, the financial and tax environment is very different. Not-for-profit organisations face additional complex legislation and accounting rules that make specialist knowledge essential for compliance.

It is a simple fact that to successfully achieve their financial goals, charities need to consider and implement many normal commercial business principles. Difficult enough for volunteers who may have a “non-commercial” background, but in addition, the financial and tax regulatory regime applying to the “not-for-profit” sector often goes far beyond those of commercial companies.

Recognising this, we developed a specialist Charities team to look after our clients in this sector, which range from small community interest groups to multi-million-pound organisations. The team is led by Director Stephen Bargh, assisted by senior manager, Neil Reid. Stephen is an affiliate of the Association of Charity Independent Examiners, and, as well as having “hands on “ experience of charity involvement, knowledge from his portfolio of commercial clients allow us to help charities apply business principles to running a not-for-profit organisation. He and the team attend regular specialist training courses in the charity sector, staying abreast of the latest legislation and developments, ensuring clients fully comply with relevant legislation and statutory disclosure and filing requirements.

In addition, areas such as income recognition, restricted, unrestricted and designated funds, internal controls, budgeting, cost control, not to mention taxation and VAT all require the specialist knowledge that our team can provide, often helping to take advantage of tax opportunities.

We also offer advice on subjects like formation of charitable entities, the tax implications of charitable trading, Gift Aid, along with grant and lottery applications. We give you the business edge you need to perform in a highly competitive sector.

For more information talk to Stephen Bargh, or contact your local William Duncan + Co office for more information.

Our specialist team for Charities Services