As it is a Leap Year and a bonus day that we only get every four years we saw this as a great opportunity for us to reflect on the gift of time and how we can use it to help others.

Our Big Leap will see us doing something a bit different, taking a Big Leap into the community and getting involved with our charity partners and a whole host of volunteering events throughout the year.

We have given every team member a ½ day allowance to dedicate to giving back to the community.  Each member of our team can choose their own charity or work in a group alongside colleagues to benefit community groups or charities who need a bit of our help.

We are raring to go and would love to hear from community groups and charities who could do with a little extra help, a bit of man or girlpower, or just some elbow grease to finish a project!  Our amazing team have lots of skills that we are desperate to use within our community to make it a better place. 😊

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