If a business has been forced to close or significantly change its operations due to the new tightened COVID-19 restrictions from 2 November 2020, they may be eligible to apply to the Strategic Framework Business Fund.  Grants will be paid every 4 weeks in arrears for as long as restrictions last, with the earliest claim date being 2 November 2020.


Temporary Closure Grant:

For businesses required to close by law due to the current restrictions in place, the following grants will be available:


Business Restrictions Grant :

For businesses that remain open but are significantly impacted by the restrictions, the following grants are available:

Applications to the Strategic Framework Business Fund will be made through local authorities, similar to previous grants.  Payments will be paid administered by local authorities and businesses will not need to re-apply if restrictions are extended beyond four weeks.  When restrictions end, any final payment in arrears will be adjusted to reflect the duration of the restrictions to the nearest week.

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