As the economic impact of the crisis continues to be felt right across the business landscape and home life too, we have set out below a number of practical steps and suggestions to help you save money and preserve cash.  




And finally, please take note that unfortunately fraudsters are taking advantage of fear and uncertainty to attempt a variety of scams and cybercrime.  Please be vigilant.  We have been notified of coronavirus-themed phishing emails to trick people into opening malicious attachments or revealing sensitive personal and financial details.  Please always be aware of cybercrime – our IT department can guide you should you have any difficulties in this area.


Financial aid for self-employed

Self-employed workers are set to be offered a package of support from the government. We will update our Fact Sheet and follow up with all tomorrow following Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s announcement expected later today (26.03.20).  Following this statement we will be updating our Coronavirus Factsheet and posting tomorrow.

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