As concerns continue to grow about the health implications of the virus, the impact on business and finances, as well as family life with school closures and more, we want to emphasise to our clients and associates that we are here to help.

At WD+CO we are fully set up on cloud and digital platforms and are able to have a large proportion of our team working from home while still being open and contactable as normal.

Given the quickening pace of the virus-spread, we are aware some may be experiencing staffing pressure in their own businesses as more individuals are required to self-isolate and work from home. If you are in this position please do let us know as our team will be able to take over payroll, bookkeeping and processing tasks temporarily for you, alleviating any additional pressure you are currently experiencing.

• If you find you have gaps in Payroll processing, ongoing bookkeeping and payments we can help, quickly and efficiently.
• If you are already running cloud digital technology, work can easily be continued while self-isolated / working from home.
• We can set you up with tools such as Receipt Bank which can significantly reduce your professing burden while working away from the office.
• We can do all of this remotely allowing you and your teams to work from home.

If you are struggling in any way with your record keeping and/or payroll processing due to shortage of staff at present please contact us and we can put something in place quickly.

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We have updated our Factsheet with the latest guidance from the Government for Landlords and Agents, Companies House advice with regards to filing and more. Download here.

Coronavirus Support Factsheet 20th March 2020

If you would like to be added to our list of clients and contacts who are interested in receiving help with applications, please email

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