Here at William Duncan we realise it’s becoming increasingly important as advisors to be able to recommend the right tools to our small business clients. The demand for app advisory services is growing among small businesses, many of whom are eager to automate time-consuming administrative tasks.  Our Cloud Accounting experts, Johanna Urquhart and Shona Shankland have taken on the task of matching suitable Apps to our Xero registered clients – and there are a lot out there!

When considering implementing a new App we recommend that the following is considered:

Features, functionality & integrations – It’s important to ensure that the app will actually help to solve a defined business need. Also the app should integrate with the tools that you already have in place to support a seamless and secure transfer of data.

Support, implementation & training – Understand what kind of training and implementation support is provided (i.e., is it instructed or self-guided?).  We can provide support and training in a variety of Apps, although some can be self guided.

Security – The security of your data should be your top priority. Review the app’s security policy in detail and ensure that it complies with your own protocols, as well as any applicable industry standards.

Innovation & development – Given how quickly things change, it’s important to get insight into the longevity of the app. Find out how they accept feedback and process feature requests, and determine if they’ll continue to enable you to be a better partner to your small business clients.

Pricing – Be sure to understand the app’s pricing structure so you can determine if the investment is worthwhile as your business grows.

Contact either Johanna or Shona for any advice you would appreciate in relation to the Xero app store.

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