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William Duncan goes the extra mile, making sure that you and/or your business have room to breathe and to keep you doing what you love.

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When times get tough, you need to know you’re working with people who care and are capable of helping you turn things around or manage a sensitive situation with skill and experience to minimise costs and maximise recoveries.


Our Business Recovery & Insolvency team, led by Director Annette Menzies, are experts in helping businesses, individuals, lenders and creditors in times of financial distress. We have a huge amount of experience managing difficult financial situations and can assist in times of need, helping you address corporate and personal debt problems along the way.


Should the need arise, we’re highly experienced in corporate and personal insolvency procedures including administration, receivership, liquidation and sequestration, and can help you assess your situation pragmatically, to manage the situation you find yourself in and find the best way forward.


We'll arrange a convenient time for you to speak with our experts face to face for a free and confidential consultation.


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We’ll provide you with our assessment. With years of experience, our experts have helped hundreds of individuals as well as businesses, both large and small, through many difficult times.


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