Summer Placement

Each year William Duncan take on an accountancy/finance university student to work as an office junior during the Summer months. This year we welcomed back Cara McCulloch to our Ayr office. She is now returning to University and has taken the time to give us a little insight into her time here at William Duncan.

My name is Cara and I’m about to go into my second year of studying Accounting and Finance at the University of Stirling. I am lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to spend another summer working at William Duncan & Company as an office junior.
Last summer I worked in the office, but had no previous experience of working with accounts. I knew that accountancy was the career path I wanted to follow, but was keen to gain some experience in the ‘real world’ to give me a better foundation for my studies which lay ahead. The people in the office were so helpful – they took time to teach me their way of working, how to work with their systems and how to do the best job for each client. So, when I came back this summer I had a bit of experience behind me with the work I had done last year and having completed my first year of University. I definitely feel that my first year at University was made a lot easier with the accounts knowledge I had gained from working in the William Duncan office last year. It was also really interesting to see how William Duncan use the latest accounts software to prepare accounts and to interact with their clients. I enjoyed learning about the new Client Portal which they have introduced and how this is changing the way the company communicates with clients.
This year I was able to attend the office Team Building day where all the William Duncan offices came together to enjoy a day of mental and physical team challenges. This was a great experience which allowed us to interact in a much more casual, fun way. It also brought all of the office together and it was good to meet the Glasgow and Kilmarnock staff who I had only previously spoken to on the phone. I enjoyed getting to see everyone outside of the office in a more social setting – it was a great day and night out!
I have really enjoyed being an office junior at William Duncan for the last 3 months– it has flown by. The staff are what make it a really great place to work. I’m very grateful to have been welcomed into their team this year. Even though it is a busy office – everyone is always more than happy to help you out. I can’t thank them enough for all that they have taught me.
I am heading into another year at Uni with a summer of invaluable experience behind me and am now looking forward to getting back to student life to relax!

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