Fake Companies House email- don’t get caught in the web!

It has come to our attention that fake Companies House emails are circulating the web and we feel it is incumbent upon us to warn our clients of the threat this poses.  If you examine closely the image below it shows an email pertaining to be from Companies House asking you to click on the link to your Company Annual Accounts indicating that you need to meet a deadline.

Companies House

We have highlighted firstly in orange that the email address is not as it seems and is not related to Companies House.  Secondly, more seriously the web link (indicated in red) actually takes you to a very suspicious site that most likely contains code that will endanger your IT systems.

Don’t fall victim to this type of scam always be vigilant.  Our IT Department are here to help you if you receive suspicious emails or suffer from malware affecting your system.  We have professional tools that can help you recover from this type of disaster.

If you are at all concerned about this please get in touch with our IT Department.

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