Complaints Policy

William Duncan Business Recovery Ltd is committed to providing a high quality service to our clients and we aim to deal promptly, fairly and effectively with any complaint a client may have about any aspect of our service.

We recognise that there may be rare occasions where a debtor, creditor or some other party may feel that a particular matter has not been handled to their expectation. We encourage our clients to inform us of any problems as soon as possible so we can resolve the matter and improve our service.

If you wish to complain then please contact the Insolvency Practitioner in writing with details of the complaint.

As part of this process, please provide the following details:

  • Name & address
  • Full name of insolvency case together with Court name and number if applicable
  • Copies of any relevant correspondence / documentation relating to the complaint
  • Name of the person against whom the complaint is made
  • Full details of what you felt went wrong
  • An explanation of how you would like us to resolve your complaint
  • Any personal time limits which would not be obvious to us

On receiving details of the complaint, we will record details in our central register and acknowledge receipt of the complaint. We will then start to investigate the response.

The IP will respond to the complainants letter within 10 working days. If there are matters that require further investigation, you will be advised when you can expect a response. The IP will consider whether a face-to-face meeting would be appropriate to resolve any misunderstandings.

Thereafter, if you are not satisfied with the response, then you should contact the Company in writing and address your further complaint to the Complaints Director (Robert Fergusson) following which you can expect a response within 30 days after he has investigated the matter.

In the event that matter cannot be resolved by the Complaints Director, then the complainant should contact the Office Holder’s Regulatory Professional Body (IPA).

All attempts are made to resolve a complaint which involves any Insolvency Practitioner of WDBR. However, if attempts to resolve the matter using the firm’s internal complaint process have proved to be unsuccessful and where the complainant remains dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaint, the complainant should contact; where they may complete an online submission to the Insolvency Service.

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“We instructed William Duncan + Co Ltd primarily to act as our auditors and accountants, which functions they discharged entirely satisfactorily, promptly and in an effective and efficient manner. Since initially instructing them, the synergy between our practices has grown and we have further benefited from the general business and commercial approach which they have taken. We have benefited from their advice which has been more focused and tailored to our specific needs, such as advising us on our own growth and developmental strategies. In our view this sets them apart from their competitors.”